AMD Is Now Selling More GPUs Than Nvidia

There were days when AMD was facing a hard time trying to maintain a strong position in the technology sector. Now, in 2019, the American silicon giant has managed to single-handedly beat Intel and Nvidia in their own game.

While AMD’s Ryzen series is considered better than Intel chips in many ways, it now also has better GPU market share than Nvidia as well. That’s according to a new reportpublished by John Peddie Research which details stats about global GPUs shipments in Q2 2019.

In was last in 2014 when AMD’s numbers were better than Nvidia. The report says that, over the last year, AMD’s market share increased by 2.4% while Nvidia lost 1%.

Thus, AMD’s total market share is now 17.2% in comparison to Nvidia’s 16%. However, the real king of the story is Intel, which takes away almost 66.9% of the total GPU shipments worldwide. It’s not entirely surprising as many machines are shipped to the customers mostly come fitted with Intel’s integrated GPUs.

Here, most of the credit is due to the cost-effective nature of AMD GPUs and not that they’re more powerful than Nvidia offerings. Nvidia still holds the upper hand when it comes to stuffing more advanced technologies, like Ray Tracing, into its GPUs.

In comparison to Q1, the firm says AMD has seen a 9.85% increase in the quarter to quarter GPU shipments. On the other hand, Intel and Nvidia saw a small decrease.

Also, the number of discrete GPUs shipped went from 29% to 27% when comparing Q1 and Q2 2019. But, the overall PC shipments have increased by 9.25% quarter-to-quarter.

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