Google Pixel 7 Camera Lens Shattered

Google’s Pixel 7 is a step up from its predecessor and sports a sturdy body and a less-beefy structure. Sadly, its camera lens glass isn’t sturdy enough, as reported by many users on Twitter. What felt like a rare accident slowly garnered a lot of traction, as Pixel 7 users with Pixel 7 camera lens-shattering issues lambasted the company on the micro-blogging site.

Reddit has also witnessed a lot of criticism related to the Pixel 7 Camera Lens Shattering issue. Users shared images of the phone’s backside where the glass shrouding the camera lens had many cracks. Some even had big cavities in the glass, thus exposing the intricate camera hardware.

Google Pixel 7 Camera Lens Shattered: Will Google replace it?

Sadly, no. A Twitter user shared his plight and explained that he took the phone out from a 16⁰C room to -2⁰C outside, and the glass cracked in 45 minutes. He pointed out that the phone was below the recommended operating temperature of the device. But what about the phone’s warranty? It just launched a few months back, right?

Well, the warranty and Google’s support in this lens-shattering issue is unsatisfactory. Android Police reported that some users were able to get the replacement free of cost, which is nothing wrong. But many users received the $400 estimate to fix the glass, which is roughly 2/3rd of the phone’s original cost.

Think of this situation from an end-user’s perspective. You just bought a flagship phone a couple of months back and placed your trust in Google. But the camera glass breaks and exposes the most useful yet intricate component of the phone. You placed your trust in Google because they would take care of such manufacturing defects at once. But Google put the blame on the users and cited that the damage wasn’t covered in the warranty.

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