Netflix Finally Introduces Affordable Rs 199 ‘Mobile-Only Plan’ In India

For those who are hesitant to shell out Rs 500/month on Netflix, here’s some good news! There have been longstanding rumors about Netflix launching a cheaper version of its existing plans in India to attract more viewers. The speculation is finally a reality as Netflix has made the affordable plan official in India.

As announced during its Netflix House event held in New Delhi, India, users will be able to use the affordable and mobile-specific plan for just Rs 199 per month.

One thing worth noting is that the plan comes with a one-window option, meaning that only one user can use the plan at a time. Additionally, the videos will be played in less than 480p screen resolution and doesn’t have the option to cast Netflix on other devices.

Why A Cheaper Plan?

The plan is a mobile-only one as Netflix suggests that Indians are more used to “Netflix and chill” over their smartphones than via any other platform. 

The plan to launch a not-so-heavy-on-the-pockets plan is to add more and more users to its already-vast userbase. Users in India often refrain from buying Netflix as it tends to be a waste of money, given that the base plan starts at Rs 500 a month when other contenders such as Amazon Prime charge Rs 999 for an entire year.

Another reason behind the pricing is Netlfix’s recently-revealed financial results, which highlight lower-than-expected sales in Quarter 2, 2019. It is suggested that the reason for this is price hikes in many regions.

Thus, such affordable plans could help Netflix attain better financial results in Quarter 3 this year.

While there is no word on this plan’s availability in other countries, it is currently only available in India as of now. However, my guess is that Netflix will unveil such plans in other countries as well.

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