This Xiaomi Device Charges Your Smartphone & Keeps Your Hands Warm

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Xiaomi is not only known for making decent smartphones at decent prices but also produces other quirky products with interesting capabilities. Among such devices, Xiaomi has now launched a new power bank in China that also doubles as a hand warmer.

Xiaomi’s new power bank is also a hand warmer

Xiaomi has launched a new device that is both a power bank and a hand warmer — trying to keep you warm while your smartphone fuels itself.

The new device comes with a battery capacity of 5,000mAh to charge smartphones and other devices. It has a dual-side warming function that is capable of heating the device by up to 52 degrees.

Made up of aluminum, the device supports fire-resistant ABS so it isn’t prone to heating up and catching fire.

As for the design, the square-shaped Xiaomi power bank has a small display to keep track of the temperature and two buttons.

While one button allows a user to see the power available and control, the other button (when tapped thrice) enables the heating functionality to keep users warm.

Xiaomi’s new power bank price & availability

The new Xiaomi power bank comes with a price tag of CNY 138 (around Rs 1,410) and is available in three color options, namely, pink, green, and red.

However, there is no word on its availability outside of China yet. Hence, stay tuned for further details.

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