World’s 1st Gaming Browser Opera GX Lets You Free Bandwidth For Gaming


At E3 2019, Opera shocked the world by launching the world’s first gaming-dedicated browser – Opera GX. It is a browser specially designed for gamers and has features like the option to limit RAM and CPU usage to smoothen the gaming experience, Twitch integration and special effects in the background.

Today, Opera is taking its browser one notch up by adding another worthful feature – network limiter. The network limiter feature of Opera GX allows users to set the maximum bandwidth the browser can use.

Opera GX allows you to choose from several pre-defined values in KB/s and MB/s and the browser will stick to it.

Where Can You Use Opera GX’s Network Limiter?

Opera has presented a few use cases of its new network limiter feature:

  • When your network is slow, you can set the bandwidth to a minimum value
  • While downloading a file and playing a game at the same time in the browser
  • While downloading a file, playing a game and streaming media content simultaneously
  • In a situation where you want to allocate a large portion of bandwidth especially for your PC
  • Watching Twitch, or streaming a movie/tv series on Netflix and playing a game at the same time.

How To Enable Network Limiter In Opera GX?

The network limiter feature is available in the GX control panel. You can choose the values of bandwidth you want to allocate to your browser from the options available.

Opera GX is a tailor-made browser for gamers. If you want advanced gaming features for the buttery-smooth gaming experience, you must download the Gaming Browser Opera GX.

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