Xiaomi Takes Back POCO F1 Devices After The Users Report Touch Issues

Xiaomi’s POCO F1 recently received a new software update for MIUI and the update has brought in touch issues for some users.

It is suggested that some unidentified number of POCO F1 users are facing display issues such as screen freezing, ghost touch, and touch lags.

Additionally, not all POCO F1 smartphones are affected by the new update. However, there is no word on how many devices are affected in totality.

For those who don’t know, screen freezing causes the smartphone to freeze on a particular frame. Whereas the ghost touch issue leads to certain touch actions taking place when the user didn’t even touch the device. And touch lags are just delayed processing of the touch actions.

If you are one of the users facing these issues, worry not as Xiaomi has a solution for you. Pocophone’s Global Head Alvin Tse, via a tweet, has suggested that users can return their smartphones to Xiaomi for the company to figure out the problem and come up with a solution.

To send the POCO devices to the company, you are required to email Tse (vzhaoxiaomi@gmail.com) with your user ID, contact information, feedback ID, a brief about the problem, and possible videos or screenshots depicting the problem.

Furthermore, the company representatives will get in touch with you to collect the Poco F1 devices. Such users will be informed if their device proves helpful in testing.

While it’s not known if Xiaomi will provide a replacement device during the testing period, I assume it will do so.

Other details remain unknown at the moment. We will let you know once Xiaomi comes out with a word on the same.

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